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Anakaona Festival of Taino Culture , is an initiative to make known the living legacy of the island's original cultures. It has always been thought that cultures; Taina, Xiguaya, Macorix are extinct. Today more than ever there is evidence that all these cultures are alive, throughout our island and the Caribbean.

Rather, the view that these cultures are extinct has been a colonial vision, for political, social and economic reasons. Through holocaust, land dispossession and the loss of our spirituality, they have positioned their ideology and colonialist religion, even today after 524 years of resistance.

Today, with mitochondrial DNA evidence and a living material and spiritual culture throughout the Caribbean, we want to show our culture to the world.

Our Yukayeke Taiguabo Kiskeya, which means in the Taíno language, territory of the spirit of the water of the mother earth, has developed over the years a work of diffusion and encounters under the energy that move our ancestors, which has resulted in learning Through our Arakoeles (Grandparents and Grandmothers) our old knowledge; Of medicine, agriculture, spirituality, gastronomy and the resistance of the living culture of being and staying on the island and passing on to the new generations this legacy.

This is the new century to return to our Bibi Atabey (Mother Earth) returning with our spirituality and reason for being.

Our festival is named after our Anakaona, Kacike from the region of Xaragua, wife of Kacike Kaonabo of the Maguana region, Cordillera Central (San Juan de la Maguana) where this festival will be held, provoking the first annual meeting of Taíno Live culture !!!

This Festival of Taino Culture, will have the articulation of artisans from different slopes, ceramists, fabrics, gastronomy, music, dance, Areytos, workshops throughout the island of Taíno traditions and academic publications related to our Taino living culture.

The festival will be held from 23 to 27 August, two days after the solar eclipse of August 21, honoring as our ancestors the elements of nature, the guey (sun) that supports with its strentgh the way to the restoration of our culture.

 ANAKAONA Festival of Taíno Culture, is a meeting with our ancestors, an encounter with our present, an encounter with ourselves and our culture ALIVE!
Jan Jan Katu (That's right)