Contáctenos Quiénes somos
Derechos humanos | José Luis Soto

The number of incidents reported during the second quarter of 2023 represents an increase of almost 14% compared with the previous quarter (January – March 2023).

Key takeaways

• The number of victims of killings, injuries and kidnappings increased by 14% compared to the previous quarter (January – March 2023), with a total of 1,860 cases reported. • Lynchings, as part of a movement known as “Bwa Kalé”, resulted in the death of at least 238 individuals allegedly linked to gangs. • Gang violence continued in Artibonite. • Sexual violence, including rape and sexual slavery, continued to be used in gang-controlled areas as a weapon to spread fear and punish the population.

• The recruitment of children into gangs and their involvement in kidnapping, robbery and other criminal activities continues to be of concern. • The Designated Expert on the human rights situation in Haiti made his first official visit to the country. He called on the international community to support the transition to a strengthened system of governance and to deploy a specialized international force to reinforce the Haitian National Police.