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Migración | José Luis Soto

 Displacement and Dialogue: Enabling migrants to be seen and heard in host communities


- Lorenzo Vargas, Programme Manager, WACC

- Marie-Pia Rieublanc, Progamme Coordinator, La Sandía Digital Laboratorio de Cultura Audiovisual AC

- Daoud Kuttab, Director General, Community Media Network

- María Teresa Cutimbo Lozano, Project Coordinator, Coordinadora de Medios Comunitarios Populares y Educativos de Ecuador

- Laure Makarem, Operations Manager, Anti-Racism Movement

This session will hear from current community initiatives in Jordan, Ecuador and Mexico that are working with migrant communities (particularly women, youth and indigenous people) to build skills in journalism and media and share their output through radio and digital channels.

These projects aim to enable migrants to exercise the rights to freedom of expression and access to information, which help address migration-related vulnerabilities and promote safe, orderly and regular migration. They also allow migrants to better position themselves to engage in culturally sensitive dialogue with host communities. These projects are part of WACC’s "Communication for All" programme.

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