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Periodismo ciudadano | Redacción Espacinsular

On 16 August 2015, Espacio Insular, a WACC Corporate Member and Project Partner from the Dominican Republic, celebrated the conclusion of its recent training program on citizen journalism.


The training was part of “Promoting Human Rights Through Citizen Journalism” a project implemented by Espacio Insular and supported by the Waldensian Church(Italy)’s Otto per mille initiative under WACC’s Pathways to Digital Frontiers program.

The ceremony was also an opportunity to recognize the media monitoring team from the Dominican Republic that participated in WACC’s Global Media Monitoring Project earlier this year.

The event was presided by José Luis Soto, Executive Director of Espacio Insular, and Solange Cruz del Soto, a social communication specialist. Both José Luis and Solange thanked Italy’s Waldensian Church for its financial support of the project.

Other attendees included participants in the training program, which began in November 2014 and ended in mid-July 2015, as well as representatives from other civil society organizations.

Telésforo Isaac, Bishop Emeritus of the Anglican Episcopal Church of the Dominican Republic, was the evening’s keynote speaker. Bishop Isaac urged all those in attendance to use media and communication in a responsible and ethical fashion to promote and defend people’s rights.

The ceremony coincided with a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Espacio Insular. The leadership of Espacio de Comunicación Insular used the opportunity to award WACC a plaque in recognition of its years of work in support of communication rights in general, and of the work of Espacio Insular in particular.

Congratulations to Espacio Insular and to all those who participated in the training!