Contáctenos Quiénes somos
Noticias | José Luis Soto
Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights would like to add its voice to that of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and UNESCO in Guatemala publically repudiating the armed attack on journalist Federico Salazar from Radio Nuevo Mundo and Danilo Lopez, which also injured journalist Marvin Tunges from Channel Optimo 23 Honduras, in an incident that occurred in the city of Amatzatenango in a public place in broad daylight. Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights would also like to express its deepest condolences to the families of the victims.

It is known that both journalists had previously received threats and were working in the same media outlet as journalist Carlos Orellana, who was assassinated in 2013.

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights calls upon the government of Guatemala to effectively implement the protection mechanism for journalists, to stop the violence and harassment against them, guarantee freedom of the press and ensure that Guatemalan society has free access to information with diversity and pluralism. Similarly, we insist on the need for the Guatemalan government to thoroughly investigate these incidents until those responsible are found, as the whole world recognizes that impunity is the principal cause of violence against the press, given that every case that is not investigated is an invitation for more cases of aggression. Additionally, we ask the CICIG to collaborate with the investigation of the series of attacks against the press that is occurring in the country. 

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights urges the Guatemalan authorities and system of justice to stop the progressive deterioration of respect for life that is shown as much in this case as in yesterday's grenade attack in the General Hospital San Juan de Dios that left two people dead and 19 injured. This sequence of events demonstrates a progressive deterioration of the country's development that puts at risk the democratic institutions and the integrity of the electoral process that is about to begin, therefore we urge a concrete response to these incidents and a thorough investigation into them.